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For carriers

June 13, 2021


 High-quality logistics is a key element of running a successful business in the 21st century. 



1. How to make a choice

2. Basic selection criteria


A logistics company provides rational transportation that promote the company's profitability.  

The level of profitability and success of the company determines the system of organization of transportation of goods and resources chosen by the company. Therefore, the right choice of a logistics company is an important factor of success in the competitive market.

There are numerous companies operating in the market that offer freight forwarding services. But how to choose a reliable long-term partner?

When choosing a logistics company, you should pay attention to the following criteria:



Experience is a way passed by everyone helping to acquire a number of skills that improve the quality of services. We recommend choosing the companies that have been operating in the market for a long time. Such companies have well-established and tested schemes of cargo transportation. Working with different types of cargo guarantees the appropriate quality of transportation with account for all aspects: from the temperature regime aimed to preserve the cargo to the choice of an optimal route. Experienced professionals can minimize any risks or problems and know how to act in abnormal situations.  

Information about the logistics company

Take your time to browse the website of the logistics company. Pay attention to the website design and access to useful information, and how quickly you can determine the type of service that meets your needs. Check the details of the company, location of its office, options for contacting the company, read reviews, and check the companies with which it cooperates. 


The cost of freight forwarding services includes a number of factors that impact the price. The value correlates with the quality of services. Choosing a price below the market one, the customer assumes a lot of risks: unforeseen situations, loss or damage to cargo, inadequate delivery times, etc.


Contact a company representative and pay attention to how quickly you receive a response to your request. As a customer, you determine the type of cargo to be transported and the volume of deliveries, therefore it is worth to discuss the specifics of your order and analyze the proposed transportation options, delivery times and offer of additional services.  

Our tips will help you to choose a reliable partner and run a successful business.