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June 20, 2021


Success in the international market is guaranteed by the professional organization of the customs clearance process.  



1. Functions of a customs broker

2. Customs broker operations


Who is not afraid of customs clearance, payment of taxes, foreign economic activities? People involved in the sphere of cargo transportation face these issues quite often and know that this task is responsible and troublesome. To ensure fast and successful customs clearance of goods, you should use the services of a customs broker.  
A customs broker is an individual or a legal person acting as an intermediary between customs authorities and entrepreneurs, representing interests of the latter in the process of customs clearance and outbound customs clearance of cargo.  

Customs brokerage services guarantee the protection against customs losses and risks for your business.  

Regular changes in the legislation can complicate the customs clearance of cargo. The customs broker helps to avoid problems that may arise in the process of customs clearance: fines imposed by customs officers, downtime of transport vehicles, late delivery of goods, etc.


The customs broker carries out the following functions:


  • interaction with government agencies
  • declaration of goods
  • preparation of a customs declaration
  • determination of UKT ZED code (HS code - code in the Harmonized System)
  • checking of the available documentation
  • correct filling-in of documents, successful custom's clearance, etc.


A company using the services of a customs broker carries out its foreign economic activity quickly and successfully. This solution significantly reduces the risks and problems that may arise in the process of customs clearance.

The customs broker must have a license for brokerage activities. Knowledge of the current legislation and tracking of all changes related to the custom's clearance.