On the freight market situation in Ukraine develops rather ambiguous. Of course, the total volume of cargo simply could not be reduced. It could not fail to influence the situation in the Donbass and the annexation of the Crimea. But this is not the only negative factor. After all, it does not say, and loads from Ukraine are on the peninsula and the territory controlled by the separatists. Right and wrong, and to carry food and industrial products. Yes, and there are rarely returned empty wagons. Economic ties and interests are often stronger than war.But much more significant negative influence overall economic crisis in the country. We stopped many businesses decreased purchasing power of the population - have less to carry.Perhaps this itself is a bright spot unless the situation in the market of transportation of agricultural products. Excellent crop pleased not only farmers, but also carriers. Multi-ton truck driven by shipments to the ports. Enough work and those who carry out local transport.Therefore, those who carry out the delivery of goods in Ukraine, it is necessary to strain and literally fight for the client. All interested not only delivery time but the quality of the service provided. And the one who has appreciated, will not be looking for another carrier. The crisis will end sooner or later. And the quality of the services after this fall should not. After all, if the weighty word will tell the competitors.

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