Researchers from the German engineering company Hoffman and Krippner proposed a new way to detect signs of drowsiness or malaise using the steering wheel.The system is based on the fact that the person in the normal state quite firmly holds the "steering wheel" and in motion constantly moves on her hands. When going to sleep, or, say, a heart attack pressure on the steering wheel sharply weakened and virtually hands stop moving.To register, driver behavior is proposed to use a special thin tape securing the inside of the rim of the steering wheel, for example, a leather braid. This tape is made up of layers of foil, through which passes a weak electric current. Holding hands steering pressure leads to a contact of layers and a short circuit. This moment and microcontroller registers.First, the driver is formed "digital portrait", taking into account the effect of pressure on the "steering wheel", the frequency of position changes hands and the area of contact. If, then, the system detects that the behavior of the motorist does not correspond much his usual driving style, it will be served an alarm.

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