Company DEVIK in Ukraine opened a branch in Poland.Such a step is taken to ensure a more comfortable working customers cooperating with the company.Today, the company is rapidly growing and developing successfully, resulting in the need to open a new office in Poland.Commercial Director DEVIK in Victor Fedorchuk said:Our company is one of the leaders of the logistics market of Ukraine as a professional logistics -So we understand that good service - it's not only high-quality transport and comfort in working with us. That is why our company has decided to open a new subsidiary office, will provide even greater territorial "accessibility", bringing to cooperate with us will be even more convenient. "DEVIK Company is one of the leading logistics operators in Ukraine and operates in the markets of European and Asian countries: France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Russia.

On the freight market situation in Ukraine develops rather ambiguous. Of course, the total volume of cargo simply could not be reduced. It could not fail to influence the situation in the Donbass and the annexation of the Crimea. But this is not the only negative factor. After all, it does not say, and loads from Ukraine are on the peninsula and the territory controlled by the separatists. Right and wrong, and to carry food and industrial products. Yes, and there are rarely returned empty wagons. Economic ties and interests are often stronger than war.But much more significant negative influence overall economic crisis in the country. We stopped many businesses decreased purchasing power of the population - have less to carry.Perhaps this itself is a bright spot unless the situation in the market of transportation of agricultural products. Excellent crop pleased not only farmers, but also carriers. Multi-ton truck driven by shipments to the ports. Enough work and those who carry out local transport.Therefore, those who carry out the delivery of goods in Ukraine, it is necessary to strain and literally fight for the client. All interested not only delivery time but the quality of the service provided. And the one who has appreciated, will not be looking for another carrier. The crisis will end sooner or later. And the quality of the services after this fall should not. After all, if the weighty word will tell the competitors.

Researchers from the German engineering company Hoffman and Krippner proposed a new way to detect signs of drowsiness or malaise using the steering wheel.The system is based on the fact that the person in the normal state quite firmly holds the "steering wheel" and in motion constantly moves on her hands. When going to sleep, or, say, a heart attack pressure on the steering wheel sharply weakened and virtually hands stop moving.To register, driver behavior is proposed to use a special thin tape securing the inside of the rim of the steering wheel, for example, a leather braid. This tape is made up of layers of foil, through which passes a weak electric current. Holding hands steering pressure leads to a contact of layers and a short circuit. This moment and microcontroller registers.First, the driver is formed "digital portrait", taking into account the effect of pressure on the "steering wheel", the frequency of position changes hands and the area of contact. If, then, the system detects that the behavior of the motorist does not correspond much his usual driving style, it will be served an alarm.

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